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More Traffic and More Sales, Greater ROI: Be Everywhere Omnipresence Technology Platforms To Achieve Strategic Marketing Success



Double, Triple  Your ROI with Latest BE EVERYWHERE OMNIPRESENCE Digital Marketing Technology 

  • Are you tired of SEO, PPC, SM companies that do not deliver?
  • Is your business ready to handle more foot traffic?
  • Are you willing to make changes for More Sales?

Let FM Promotions Build and Publish Real Valuable content for your website, spread It around to get you real expected results. Expose your services to more Traffic and more Sales . This new Everywhere Omnipresence Technology will spread your business services like wildfire gathering More Sales Traffic and Greater Return on Your Investment. No need to pay thousands of dollars in PPC and Social Media ads….  The Omnipresence Content Platform will skyrocket your website visibility online beyond your current limitations bringing more traffic, more sales and a greater Return On Investment .


This Omnipresence Technology will spread your website content like wildfire in your local market  as well as expanding beyond your current geographical limits.

Beyond Local Marketing

Your newly delivered site content will act like a magnet that attract customers from all over the distribution point and converging them to ward your Local Business and Services.

Increased ROI

Due to the overwhelming power of this new Content Publishing Technology your territory coverage will expand and more traffic and sales will dramatically increase your Return On Investment.

Web Presence

Increase your web presence to fit the real value of your offered services, Bring periodic constant valuable search content to your business website.

No Advertising

We do not advertise your business. We SHOUT to the world about what you do, your location, your services and amplified content spreading methods.

No Social Media Ads

We do not promote on pay per click basis.  Our proprietary methods spread the news about your business and your services far beyond your local area.

We Can Also Get Your Business Published on Major Worldwide Publications Like Reuters, Yahoo News, Google News, Nasdaq To Boost Your Business Reputation.

How We Do It

 “We do not publish nor display our Sales and Traffic proprietary methods online nor on this website. By Invitation, businesses are contacted on a one and one basis according to their merit and their ability to offer the quality of the services offered. They are presented with our offer to promote their services using  “Be Everywhere Omnipresence Technology Platform” .

This is not for everyone and not everybody will qualify. Our technicians will carefully select and qualify your business to participate in the  program.

The system has been used and tested worldwide for at least 10 years. It has produced great results for all types of businesses beyond our expectations. It can revolutionize the way you currently acquire your customers and build a flock of new one and generating a lot of traffic therefore more sale for your business. 

We will discuss with you what you do and determine the kind of data and changes needed to bring your business to a new pedestal like a beacon or light houses in your neighborhoods. Once we agreed on the details, our engineers and technicians will start to create a custom plan for your business and then execute it.

Our Dedicated Worldwide Team Knows How To use Technology to Optimize, Publish New Valuable Content About Your Business and  Amplify this New Website Content to Generate More Traffic and Sales To Your Service Locations.

Once on board, our highly qualified team will work  24/7 to make sure you get the results you business needs to expand beyond its current geographical lines. We will be there for you with all the reports and progress all along the journey to a brighter future for your company.

“Massive Power Of Latest Marketing

Technology At Your Fingertips”

Schedule Your Appointment Today. Time is Money?


More Clients

Your New Online Business structure will force Google to send you more clients and build your brand recognition.



Because of Your business being everywhere at once, this Omnipresence will trigger your Money Page to increase in credibility recognition and vast authority.


More Orders

The new flow of prospect to your business will bring more traffic and sales orders. Be ready to expand beyond your current boundaries.



As a result of the new positions occupied by your website and its Omnipresence on the Web, its popularity will dramatically increase. All you have to do is match your services to the trend.

Why Not Send Your Offers To Thousands Today, No List Needed.  Triple Your Business Visibility With Our New Additional Segmented Email Marketing Technology.

Start A Segmented Email Marketing Campaign Now, No List Needed !

 Use Our 150 Millions Strong USA Highly Segmented Database. (all 50 States) You do not need to own a list to start spreading your offers to prospective customers. FM Promotions will allow you to use this double optin list of eager double optin subscribers to send your offers within hours.

Avoid the complications of setting up expensive and technically complicated SMTP server. We have more than 15 years experience and the latest Email Marketing Technology to skyrocket your business to the top. (see Below)

Search Website Access:  FMPROMOTIONS COUNTS  | Start to choose your prospects from more than 150 Millions Double Opted Members.

 Send us an email to : contact@fmpromotions.com to create your Email Search Account  then go to:   www.fmpromotionscounts.com   to login.

Data Analytics Email Promotions Counts System

Our database comprised of 150 million+ optin records with 750* lifestyle and interest. We create your segmented target including: age, gender, geo, household income, levels of interest and much more! Your desired count will populate in real time and saved for future use.

Order Management System to Place Your Order 

We upload, preview and approve your campaigns in our Order Management System. There your orders are created processed and approved Fast! Within this dashboard we can test and approve your creatives as well as see your order status in real time.

Real Time Campaign Results Tracking Platform

This platform provides imediat access to open and click thru rates as well as informative reporting which shows click by device type and browsers,and a visual heatmap to see your strongest and weakest performing links within your email campaign.

Stop Being A Lame Duck Business Become A Winner.
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If you have any questions, want to know more about our services or make your business Omnipresent, send us a message below.  CONTACT@FMPROMOTIONS.COM